7 Top Rated Best Destination in Indonesia For Holiday or Honeymoon

Which top best destination in Indonesia that you should visit when you holiday or honeymoon? In Indonesia, you can see a lot of cultural diversity, greenery scenery, historical heritage and panoramic beauty. You can learn about their traditional culture and explore the virgin island. Here are the best destinations in Indonesia you need to list in your itinerary when you go to Indonesia.

1. Bali.

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Tabanan

Bali is the best known and most famous popular destination in Indonesia. There are many tourist attractions that endless to visit. You can visit a historical and religious site such as temple and pura. For example Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Pura Uluwatu, Tanah lot temple, and many more.

For the tourist who needs a family trip, they can visit Blanco renaissance museum, Goa Gajah Gianyar, elephant safari park in North Ubud, Bali Safari and Marine Park Gianyar and Bali bird park. They also can visit beaches that spread along Bali Island such as Kuta beach, Seminyak beach, Sanur beach.

For the tourist that looking for adventure, they can take a trek to hike Mount Batur. Mount Batur is a trek for seeing the Balo’s natural beauty and sunrise or sunset. You also can explore to Ubud monkey forest, tegalalang rice terrace, or mount Kawi.

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2. Lombok

Lombok best destination in Indonesia


Lombok is Island that located in the east of Bali but still untouched. Lombok offer empty and isolated beach with fantastic nature, tasty local food and friendly people there. While you in Lombok, visit Gili Islands. Gili Island has three paradise islands to visit, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. The Gili’s island is famous for water activity such as scuba and diving.

Next destination is Mt Rinjani. Mt Rinjani is a 2nd highest active volcano in Indonesia. You can explore the Crater Lake “Segara Anakan” that great to visit. Next place is Senggigi beach. Senggigi is a popular beach for surfing.

Next is exploring the pusuk Monkey Forest. Explore and take a breathtaking forest landscape and you can see the monkey forest. Be careful with your bag from the wild monkey. There are many beaches you can visit such as Pink beach, mawun beach, and numerous waterfalls such as Tiu kelep, Tiu Teja and many more.

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3. Yogyakarta.

Prambanan Temple Yogyakart best destination in Indonesia


Yogyakarta is the sound of Javanese heritage of culture and tradition. This city is paradise for them who want to see ancient temples, include the one that includes as 7 wonders of the world, Borobudur Temple. What are the top best visits while in Yogyakarta?

The first and main destination when visit Yogyakarta is watching a sunrise in Borobudur temple. This temple is great with a history behind it. Second place is the place where you can meet with skilled artisans of fine silver and handicrafts in Kota Gede. You can see the process of creating silver crafts in the workshop and try to make the piece of your own. Drives less from an hour, you can visit Prambanan temple that also known as Roro Jongrang Temple. in this temple, you also can see the show of Ramayana ballet show.

The next destination you also should visit Keraton or Sultan palace and castle water. Water castle is also called with Taman sari is pleasure site for Sultan and his families. The last but not least, you should shop in Malioboro. This place is paradise for the best deal to cheap shopping area in Yogyakarta with souvenirs, street food and many more.

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4. Bandung.

Bandung best destination in Indonesia

Bandung is known as “Paris van Java” or “Paris of the East”. This city has a cooler climate and becomes popular options for Jakarta residents to take holiday and spend their weekend. In this city, there are wide options of fashionable boutiques and art deco buildings. If you go to Bandung, do not miss these interesting places to visit.

The first place is going to Tangkuban Perahu crater. This crater is best and you can see attractions live such as bamboo angklung concert, and shop souvenirs in Tangkuban Perahu. The next destination is Kawah Putih or “white crater”. This Crater Lake is good for photography spot with turquoise lake into skeletal trees around. Next, you should not miss visiting Angklung Udjo. This is the place where you can watch the angklung concert and also learn to play angklung.

5. Flores

Flores best destination in Indonesia

Flores is most famous with its Komodo national park. Komodo National Park is UNESCO heritage world site and dedicated to protecting Komodo Dragon.

The next destination in Flores is a pink beach. This beach has unusual fascinating sand grain color. The pink sand grain results from tiny red reefs that produced by the microscopic animal called foraminifera. It has clear water beach and becomes home for fishes and corals. You can do snorkels on this beach.

Next place that you need to visit while in Flores is Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is paradise for you who love to explore the unspoiled place. In Labuan Bajo, you can explore Padar Island. Padar Island is known with a curved beach that surrounded by green hills.

6. Dieng plateau

Dieng best destination in Indonesia

Dieng plateau comes from the word”di Hyang” which means “abode of Gods”.this plateau is located in the border of two regencies, Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. It is a form of caldera complex in Dieng volcanic.

In Dieng, you can visit several tourist attractions such as temples, visit volcanic crater, see the sunrise in Sikunir and Mt. Prau. Sikunir is said as best scenery view to see sunrise above the Dieng cloud. If you go to Dieng in August, you can explore the Dieng Culture Festival. This festival has many interesting attractions such as Jazz concert, shave the “gimbal” hair, and clean the Dieng site.

7. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo best destination in Indonesia

For adventure traveler, Mt Bromo is striking scenery that should visit. In Mt Bromo, you can explore this beautiful crater volcanic mountain with jeep explore. Take a walk to see the sunrise view from mt Bromo. Tourist needs to walk along the steep road to the mountain or they can rent a motorcycle. You can ride a horse to explore the sea of sand.

Indonesia is a mosaic country with more than 17.000 volcanic islands and 800 of it are inhabited, with 300 ethnic groups spread all over the country and 719 languages. This is the most diverse nation in South East Asia that has sense in every word. Visit this beautiful best destination in Indonesia that will make your holiday unforgettable.

7 Must-Visit Beautiful Places of Singapore

Singapore might be a small country when we look at its area but there are many beautiful places of Singapore. The beauty and history in the country will make you tempted. And here we have a list of beautiful places you should visit when you spend the holiday in Singapore.

1. Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves

Henderson Wave is located in Southern Reach and still a part of it. This is a walking trail that brings you from one to another park in Singapore southern ridge. People love this place because the bridge is aesthetically yet visually striking. It blends really well with the surrounding fauna and flora. Henderson Waves is basically the tallest pedestrian bridge you may find in Singapore, which offers stunning views of panorama with its breathtaking skyline and lush forest as your eyes can see.



If you want to snap for your Instagram feed then CHIJMES should be on your list too. You can take an amazing picture from so many angles. The architecture views are the popular thing in this place. You will see the huge white-plastered walls that make this place looks so photogenic. Other than that, there are many options for eating like bars, snacking spots, and restaurants around the venue so you do not need to worry about your tummy.

3. Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk is located at the east part of Singapore, which offers some tremendous spots along the way. You will see a giant tree that has been lived for decades. The venue is located right next to the sea, which will allow you to snap the stunning sunrise and sunset. There is also a wide greenery spot near the sea, which will spoil your eyes with the scenic part of Singapore with its tranquility.

4. Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

If you were born in Singapore before the 2000s, you would know if Toa Payoh Dragon is a playground with its common sight around the HDB estates. The playground looks pretty decorative with some animal sculptures, both real animal and myth animals. The playground still survives till today and becomes the iconic spot due to a sculpture of a dragon with the big head. The dragon is the most favorite among kids because they can crawl through.

5. People’s Park Complex

People’s Park Complex

This infamous park is often used for a photo shoot or making music videos with the hip fashion and grungy. The park looks gritty and surreal though. Initially, it was inspired by a masterstroke from Le Corbusier combined with the movement of Japanese Metabolist. The place is so cutting the edge and cannot be missed when you visit Singapore.

6. Sri Mariamman Mandir

Sri Mariamman Mandir

Sri Mariamman Mandir is the oldest worship place of Hindu in Singapore. The agamic architecture style makes this place becomes iconic yet beautiful. This is also referred as a prominent place of worship for South Indian Hindu. Besides the architecture style, there are figures from the Hindu pantheon and various deities with striking hues, which make this place as one of the beautiful places of Singapore.

List of Beautiful Places in Singapore for Photography

There are many beautiful places in Singapore for photography. This country, in fact, is a fun destination for spending the holiday season as well as finding interesting spots to take some pictures around. Other than that, this country is a place where so many cultures blend together. Here we have the list of places that will be worth to visit if you love photography.

Artscience Museum

Artscience Museum

The museum shows the combination of art, technology, and science, which is really awesome. Located in the Marina Bay Sands Resort, this place displays four prominent themes at the Future World: Space, Nature, Town, and Park. You should head to the Space area, which represents the Crystal Universe that will be a beautiful spot for photography. There are more than 170,000 LED lights used for visualizing the stars that travel through space.

Haji Lane

Haji Lane

Haji Lane is located in Kampong Glam area. Even though the venue is a narrow street, it shows the dynamic in colorful look. There are many colorful shop houses that show a tremendous charm with its detail. The street art along the wall of this area could be the interesting spots for taking pictures. You can hang around at the cafes or get some fashion pieces from boutiques along the road.

Sultan Mosque


Sultan Mosque

Sultan Mosque or Masjid Sultan is located only a few blocks from Haji Lane. This is, in fact, the most popular mosque in Singapore which was established in 1824. Local and foreigners come here to worship. If you do not get inside the mosque, the exterior detail will be enough to spoil you. Other than that, you can get some stunning pictures for your Instagram feed even though you only take it from the outside. The pedestrian in front of the mosque is the great spot to take pictures.

Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel shows the beauty yet classic of a history. This property adapts the colonial style, which shows the luxury sense right from the outside. If you make it to the lounge of the hotel, you should taste the amazing cocktail with gin as its base, which is also the national drink of this country. Taking pictures of you while drinking the cocktail will be really stunning, but you should be prepared because it costs more than SGD 20.

Joo Chiat Road

Joo Chiat Road

Joo Chiat Road is a road in Singapore that shows many shophouses along the road. The colorful look and various things will make your picture looks stunning and edgy. Joo Chiat Road is located in the Katong area. You will love the food and architectures in this area because Peranakan story and cultures are very rich.

The floral ceramic tiles and ornate facades are just right for your photography background. Other than that, you can find a nice place to stay along with an incredible taste of the foods offered. You may need to bring a tripod or ask other tourists to take your picture because the view is one of the beautiful places in Singapore for photography.

When Should You Visit Indonesia?

As a tropical country that lies on the equator, Indonesia is always a cordial place to visit all year long. You don’t have to worry about blizzard, heat stroke, and other climate-related problems that you have to deal with when visiting countries in the more extreme parts of the earth. There are only two seasons: the wet season that lasts from October to April and the dry season that lasts from April to October. If you wish to enjoy the most of Indonesia without being bothered by heavy rain, thick fog, and possible flood, be sure to visit Indonesia during the dry season.

Another thing to mind is event and festival. Indonesia is a multicultural country with a lot of cultural and religious festivals. If you want to observe or participate in any of those festivals, be sure to remember their schedule. Food vendors selling a variety of traditional Indonesian foods can be found in the afternoon throughout Ramadhan, you can watch Buddhists’ procession around the Borobudur area during Vesak festival, or you can watch Madurese bull racing (Karapan Sapi) on August or September. There is a Wikipedia page that gives you about all religious and cultural festivals in Indonesia. You can use the page as a reference to find out when actually a certain festival takes place.

Lastly, if you want to avoid high and peak season, be sure not to visit Indonesia during the New Year celebration, at the end of academic year (which occurs between June and August), and during the Lebaran celebration, which occurs at the end of Ramadhan.

Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

Even a thick guidebook can’t list all attractive places in Indonesia due to their large number, but here I show you some of the best places that you should not miss when you visit Indonesia.


For anyone who visits a tropical country, a beach is always the most popular destination. There are many beaches to visit in all major islands in Indonesia. The most well-known among them are located in Bali and Lombok, with some worth-visiting ones located in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, and Java.

2. Hiking Spots

Hiking Spots

If you love to hike, there are some great peaks that you should visit. In Java, you can hike Mount Bromo in East Java and Mount Lawu in Central Java. If you have stayed in Bali for a while, be sure to visit Mount Batur and Mount Agung. Mount Rinjani in Lombok is famous due to its blue lake. Mount Kelimutu, which is located in Nusa Tenggara, is also attractive due to its colorful lakes.

3. Water Attractions

Water Attractions

Most beaches in Indonesia offer great water attractions, but such attractions can be found not only on beaches. There are some inland spots that also offer amazing water attractions. If you are an avid surfer, you can find the world’s best surfing spots in Mentawai Islands, Uluwatu, Surf Desert Point, Ombak Tujuh, and Lagundri Bay. If you prefer going inland, Lake Toba, which is the largest volcanic lake on earth, is a great place to visit due to its scenic setting. Scenic waterfalls, such as Sri Gethuk, Gitgit, and Sedudo waterfalls, are also excellent destinations for tourists who enjoy water attractions.

4. Cultural Attractions

Cultural Attractions

Cultural attractions in Indonesia include traditional festivals that are celebrated by people of different ethnic groups in Indonesia and ancient sites and monuments that are well preserved.

In addition to some popular festivals that are already explained earlier, there are some cultural sites that you should not miss. Borobudur, the biggest Buddhist temple on earth, should be your primary destination. You can also find ancient sites in Prambanan, Trowulan, and Sangiran, among others. A more comprehensive Indonesia travel guide book can provide you with complete information about all cultural festivals and sites that you can find in Indonesia.

Traveling to Singapore Things to Know for a Better Holiday Plan

Knowing everything about the place you choose for a holiday is important. Here is the traveling to singapore things to know if you are interested to visit this country.

Better Holiday Plan

1. Alcohol is expensive

In Singapore alcohol gets a very high tax. Therefore, enjoying drinks in this country is considered a costly experience. However, there is one place, which can get you the ease of enjoying this drink. It is in the Hawker Centre. For a recommendation of the best spot, you can choose the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Here, you can enjoy few cold Tiger tallies while enjoying the view of beautiful beaches.

2. Get yourself used to Singlish

When talking about Singapore, you might ever hear that this country develops its own English. Yes, it is called the Singlish. It has its own accent and is a very real thing in this country. If you do not know anything about Singlish, you may want to listen to some of the people using it to make yourself easier in communicating.

3. Respect the regulation

You may also have heard about the unusual regulation applied in Singapore. For example is, people will be charged with a very big deal of money or even get arrested if they drop even only a food wrapper. Then does it mean that all people there are living in a life full of restriction?

Well, it is not that scary. Singaporean people really care about the environment they are living in. Keeping all people’s convenience is a priority here. Imagine when you are just planning a great day for your holiday but suddenly you sit on a chair with a gum on it or get your shoes wet because someone is throwing their cup carelessly. You must feel annoyed, right? Therefore, do not do it to respect the people there, as they also respect you in the same way.

4. A safe place

Singapore is not just a nice place to visit, but also a safe place. In this country, you can walk with no worries even though it is very early in the morning. In addition, pickpockets or scams are also rare to be found in here.

5. Best coffee in Singapore

In many other countries, people living there might say that the best coffee they have is the Starbucks. However, it is not the same for Singapore. The best place to get a cup of coffee in this country is at the Hawker Centre. As there are many choices of menu, you can have many drinks o taste.

For a suggestion, you do not need to maximize your experience in tasting the coffee here by choosing the most expensive drink such as the fancy latte. Instead, try the iced coffee with milk, or the iced tea with milk. It does not cost too expensive, meanwhile, you will be able to your body fueled with the taste all day long.

Those are all the information, which we can share you related to traveling. We highly hope that after reading this topic of traveling to singapore things to know, you will get a clearer and better understanding of this country.