5 Best Destinations in Indonesia

With so many great places to visit in Indonesia extended over than 17,000 islands, then you never run out the chances for best adventure spots and cultural interaction as well. Indonesia was the world’s fourth most populated state in this planet along with much diversity such as jungles, volcanoes and beaches were waiting for you to be discovered. Here best Indonesia travel destinations.



You should know that Sumatra is the biggest Island in Indonesia and take the 6th place in the world’s largest island. This is a huge piece of the island which been divided by the Equator in the western edge of Indonesia and is a dream come true spot for those whole love adventure destinations or travelers who love the rainforests and endangered creatures. Sumatera is one of the two places in this world where you are able to see the wild orangutans. There some big reasons why you visit Sumatra, such as the indigenous culture, adventure destination, visit orangutans, trekking in the Mount Leuser National Park, and so on.


Bali Beach

Bali was one of the most visited islands in Southeast Asia and included as the top of best honeymoon destinations in Asia. This Bali is the description of heaven because it was blessed with the blue water, wide beaches, and greeny panoramic into deeper of the jungle. There are many reasons why Bali was claimed as the massive part of Indonesia’s international tourism. Instead of beautiful beaches there, you can enjoy the lush and gorgeous village in Kintamani.


Bromo Mountain

Java was the most populous island in this planet and over than 60 percent of those huge populations call this destination as the home. The Java Island is crowded and busy places, but it was crowd by so many Javanese Culture and yes – Java is the center for famous coffee with the same name. Then, Bromo Mountain was the active volcano in Java and the most visited destination in Indonesia. Java offers you with many cultures and friendly locals as well.



Lombok is the big island as the neighbor of Bali to the east and the second stop for many visitors who had finished with Bali Island. The Government promotes Lombok as the big tourism spot instead of Bali. One of the biggest attractions that you can see in Lombok is the chance to visit or all of three Gili Islands in the off coast. Then Gili T is the largest and famous among backpacker. Gili Meno is the smallest and isolated island and there are many couples spent their time on this island for its quiet atmopshere. You can try many activities here, such as affordable scuba diving cost, good spot for surfing, etc.

Flores and Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara


Flores is the right destination for travelers who love adventure destinations and they do not afraid of getting dirty as well. You can visit the undeveloped beaches and volcanoes as well. Then the Rinca and Komodo Island were at Komodo National Park and they are famous with the Komodo dragons. For those who brave enough to cross these islands were rewarded with the great adventure.

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