Traveling To Singapore Alone

5 Important Things For Traveling To Singapore Alone

If you want to make a plan for traveling to singapore alone, then you must know the following important guides first.

Traveling To Singapore Alone

1. Go for a group tour

Some people may start the tour alone form your country. However, after arriving at the destination, there are many tours available, which offer any tourists to cater to different interests. This option is also available if you travel to Singapore alone.

If your main goal is to explore the culinary in Singapore, then you can check out Singabites. You can have some sampling of the best dishes of the most iconic food across this country. If what you are looking for is some activities to move your body, then you can check out Biking Singapore. It offers tours with local run and cycling guides. Last, if you want to explore all the best view of Singapore, you can check out Best Singapore. With it, you can enjoy a wonderful trip around Pulau Ubin, which is the last traditional village in Singapore.

2. Enjoy the lively atmosphere at the Pub Crawl

Traveling alone means you can do anything as you like and get along with the people there with no need to follow a crowded schedule. If you want to get along with the local or any other travelers, you can join the Singapore Pub Crawl. It organizes an event in the Lion City every weekend. The meeting is at the Fat Pigeon Boat Quay. You can find it not far from the Raffles MRT. The ticket for it is around $45. It includes free entry to all venue, extended happy hour promotions, and free shots.

3. Get yourself into the CouchSurfing Event

If a pub atmosphere does not suit your taste, you can move to the next recommended spot, CouchSurfing event. It is a community, which is planned on a weekly basis. With all the people in this community, you can enjoy the weekly volleyball or yoga events. Besides that, you can also enjoy traveling through the island and visit nearby destinations.

4. Orchard road for you who want to have a more private tour

If you are a type of person who does not really like to meet with a large group of people, you still can have fun and wonderful activities as a solo traveler. For a recommendation, the best place for wandering around in Singapore is the Orchard Road. It is a shopping street 2 km long. While letting yourself enjoy all the clothes or food, you will not get troubled by people who get bored easily as when you have a touring group.

5. Museum

Besides Orchard Road, visiting the museum is also another good decision to take. When you visit a museum on your own, you can do anything you like or enjoying all the beauty and unique side with no need to worry about anything.

Those are all the guides, we can share you related to traveling. We highly hope that this article can help you for traveling to singapore alone safely and happily

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