Australian Travel to Singapore Visa Requirements to Enter This Country

Although tourists with Australian passports do not require visa entry, they have to follow Australian travel to Singapore visa requirements. Get to know what the requirements to enter the country.



Entry requirements

The owners of Australian passport do not need a visa to visit Singaporean and stay for 30 days. The same way is applied to those who hold a New Zealand passport. Even though the visa is not needed, all travelers have to pass immigration clearance when they arrive at Singapore airport. People allow doing social visit after getting approval from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

There are a number of basic requirements for Australian who want to enter Singapore. First, they have to own a valid passport minimally for 6 months to go. If it is applicable, they have to own a valid Singapore visa as well.

Not only the passport and visa, they have to prepare enough funds based on how long they will stay in Singapore. Some officials may need the return tickets. You have to know the entry facilities to the destinations you will visit in Singapore.

How long of your stay allowance will be presented over the social visit pass endorsement that can be found on visitors’ passport? It is better for you to check the passports first at the arrival and keep how long the days provided prior to leaving the checkpoint. Those who are on social visit passes are not allowed to do any type of business, job, and even paid to promote while they are still in Singapore.

Along with Australian travel to Singapore visa requirements, officials will remind about the punishment regarding overstaying more than the times given. If you want to stay longer in this country, you have to apply for an extension previously than the expiration of social visit pass. You will likely get approval when asking for an extension of stay.

Important information about Singapore visa requirements

The Visa Application Centre located in Melbourne cannot be accessed due to lack of infrastructure and currently under assessment because of some damage it has. Hence, you have to keep updated with the information if require anything about Australian visa. Besides, you have to remember that any tourism purposes, those who have an Australian passport do not need to use it when coming to Singapore. Standard duration about the total days of stay allowance does not exist. Every person enters the country will be checked one by one by the immigration officials at the arrival.

Those who one visa does not mean a foreigner and can enter the country automatically. The allowance of visit pass for foreign visitor is conducted by the immigration officials at the Singapore checkpoints and every case has its own benefits. Foreign visitors that bring travel documents that associated with some countries will need a Business visa or social visit visa so that they are able to enter this country. This requirement is due to the safety of the documents and the holders themselves. Basically, traveling to Singapore is not complicated as long as you follow Australian travel to Singapore visa requirements.

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