8 Must-Visit Beautiful Places in Indonesia

Beautiful places in Indonesia are not a secret anymore. This country has so many stunning natural sceneries you should witness. This thing is one of the attracted things that make people from various countries come to visit. Exotic water, pristine beaches, cultural ethos, vibrant vibes, and volcanoes are just a few things from all you would see in Indonesia.

Indonesia is like a home for many surreal places. This country also offers the mix of the outlandish wonders in island and wildlife adventures that can make your spine chills. Whether you are the water babies or a wildlife lover or an adventurous soul or a city explorer, visiting this country would be a huge treat. Here we have the list of beautiful places you must visit in Indonesia.

Gili Island, Lombok


Gili Island offers the romantic vibe which can be seen by the overwater villas everywhere you see. The beach has white sands and the water is crystal blue. There are three isolated islands named Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Each has some unique scenic views you do not want to miss.

If you are visiting Gili Island, you cannot miss the diving spot or snorkeling if you prefer something lighter. Surfing will be great as well. Some tourists also recommend to fishing or hopping onto a boat. Chilling near the beach while grabbing some snacks would be a very nice daylight activity.

Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua


Raja Ampat is a group of islands located in West Papua and this is one of the beautiful places in Indonesia. There are 1500 small islands and four of them are the king, which makes sense of the name. Raja Ampat means Four Kings. It offers a delightful travel experience for you with its shining water in crystal turquoise look, small atolls that look like a group of mushrooms, marshy lagoons, sizzling beaches, forested island, and steep backdrop that looks so awesome.

If you are visiting Raja Ampat, do not miss the underwater activity like diving. Snorkeling is also popular if you do not have a diving license. Relishing nature and kayaking could be the alternative too. There are several best places you can crash but most of the accommodations offer expensive rate as well as the foods.

Maluk Beach, Sumbawa

Maluk Beach is one of the most stunning beaches located in Indonesia. The beach is lining along the Sumbawa Island’s western coast. As the color of the sun rays changes, the waves will look so vibrantly that gives a magical effect to every eye that sees it.

Whenever you are at Maluk Beach, you may need to try surfing if you are a surfer. Sunbathing will be one of the must-do activities at the beach. There is also the Malu Turtle Conservation Center the beach, where you can see tons of turtles get conserved. Also, you do not need to worry about the options for accommodation. There are numerous of them.

Kelimutu Lake, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Kelimutu Lake is one of the beautiful places in Indonesia you should visit as well. You will see three crater lakes on the site. They were formed by the volcano named Kelimutu. Even though the three crater lakes are located on the same peak of the volcano, each develops a different color: white, blue, and red.

Trekking in Kelimutu is great. You should explore the landscapes out there and wander around the lake because you will not see this kind of beauty in other places. If you are really into the natural scenery, you should stay to see sunrise and sunset. Both are magical.

Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba is situated on the largest caldera on Earth. It was originally volcanic and formed about 70,000 years ago. You may find it like a riddle but this lake is located on the island. On the other hand, the island stands on the lake. Definitely, like a riddle.

The water in the lake is pretty warm by volcanic and you should try to swim if you can swim. Other than that, relaxing and enjoying the surrounding views will be the best way to chill. Make sure you wear a modest cloth after all.

Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi

Bunaken Marine Park is situated in Sulawesi at the northern stretch area. This area is popular for its marine fauna and flora. You will find so many exotic yet endangered species of fish swimming around the crystal clear beach. This is the reason why tourists love to visit Bunaken.

Snorkeling and diving should not be skipped because you come here for that scenery. Other than that, the unusual yet glamorous aquatic life can only be discovered by doing those two things. It is not too much if we say that Bunaken is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia that you should put on the list when you visit this country.

Komodo National Park, Nusa Tenggara Timur

This is an island full of Komodo. The place is located between Flores and Sumbawa. The island is rugged, arid, and barren. It is also the part of Komodo National Park and Marine Reserve. If you visit this place, you will see the aerial view that you would never find in other places.

Mount Bromo, East Java

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. This is dangerous when it becomes active, but it also offers the beautiful scenery that can only be found here. The top of the mountain creates a crated. It emits some white smokes on regular basis. The mountain is part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which will take you to the area that has a wide part of volcanic sand. The sands look like a sea though.

There are so many places you can visit in Indonesia according to what you like. Indonesia is a place where you can wander around nature, explore the cities, or lay low at the beach. This is just 8 names of so many beautiful places in Indonesia.

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