5 Best Holiday Destinations in Thailand for Couples

There are so many stunning places in Thailand but here we will talk about 5 best holiday destinations in Thailand for couples in this article. In fact, you can find anything you want in Thailand.



Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand. This island offers scenic views from its beach. This is also the home of several small towns with shopping districts and nightlife. This is the home for party animals and people who look for something quieter.

Patong town offers breathtaking beaches and interesting nightlife. This is also the most popular area in Phuket. Kamala is also interesting to look at, along with Kata and Karon. If you want to visit beaches with the lesser crowd, Kamala, Karon, and Kata could be better than the previous one.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is smaller than Phuket but offers a lot of options for top-class resorts. The beaches are blue and warm with white sands spread across the beach. No wonder if this is one of the best holiday destinations in this country.

Chaweng Beach is the busiest one. It offers nightlife with air bars, discotheques, and also great restaurants. If you want something smaller and quieter, you may try to visit Lamai and Bhoput. Those beaches offer nightlife and resorts on a smaller scale than Chawend. If you want something completely peaceful, there are places on this island. Do not worry about that though.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the old capital of Thailand. It is located in the northern hills. This is a great place to explore the old yet rich architectural style of Thailand. Besides, the sceneries are amazing as well. If you are not into nightlife, the daytime tour in Chiang Mai will please you.

Chiang Mai offers The Old City with ancient walls that have become the ruins. You can find accommodation at the Tha Pae Gate, which is also the place of entertainment as well. Mae Ping River is located nearby. The spot offers a peaceful yet quiet spot to enjoy the day. However, some tourists have mentioned that they got a problem to communicate with people in Chiang Mai. Still, it will be fun though.

Krabi Province

It takes three hours of driving from Phuket to reach Krabi Province. It is the home of stunning beaches with some majestic formations of limestone, hills with dark forest, and sheer cliffs. If you are visiting Krabi Province, do not forget to visit Ao Nang Beach. Ao Nang Township, however, is the place where you can most accommodations, shopping districts, and nightlife in this province.


If you are looking for resorts located near Bangkok, Pattaya should be on your list. It has two beautiful beaches even though those are nothing compared to beaches in Samui or Phuket. Still, this is the best place for you who look for the best experience of nightlife.

South Pattaya is the main area of nightlife though. You can find great accommodations to stay at and the transportation is easy yet cheap. So, this is the end of the best holiday destinations in Thailand for couples.

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