Top best islands in Indonesia to visit

These top best islands in Indonesia are not only beautiful but also offer you their fascinating tourist attractions. They are spread all over in Indonesia and some of them are famous in all over the world and some of them are untouched.

7. karimun Jawa

Karimun Jawa is a hidden paradise island in java. This Island is waiting for you to explore the depth charming with local exotic foods, stunning seam and many more. The first place to visit in Karimun Jawa is Tanjung Gelam beach. This beach has thousands of scenic views to enjoy. The other beach that needs to visit in Karimun Jawa is Batu Topeng beach. This beach is accessible from land and sea.

The next place is Menjangan Besar Island that becomes a second largest island after Karimun Jawa. There is famous shark breeding that becomes favorite destination both local and foreign tourist.

6. Flores

There are many exciting and unique things that you can do while you in Flores. The most famous attraction in Flores is visiting Komodo Island as known as UNESCO World Heritage. This island offers the unique combination of a distinctive environment and beautiful scenery that untouched with modern. Take a trek to Padar Island is the one that you need to visit while in Flores. Go to the top of the hills if this island and you can see beautiful three different color beaches, with one black, white and pink that set the endless beauty of the ocean. You can catch the sunrise from this peak.

Next place you need to visit is Kelimutu lakes that have three different color glasses of water. The colors are changes due to sunlight and stone. For you who want to explore the traditional village, Wae Rebo is the best place to visit. It is located between valets and rolling hills that make it awesome picturesque.

The best part from Flores is visited Komodo national park. There are two islands that you can visit to see the Komodo dragon, on Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Komodo Island is easier to reach by trek, but you can find Komodo Dragon easier on Rinca Island as they are feed by the guardians. There are many more you can visit in Flores such as Sano Nggoang Lake, jump from Cinca waterfall, go to Lembata Island and diving in manta Point.

5. Wakatobi

Wakatobi Island is unspoiled beauty on nature. The island is perfect for travelers that looking for a getaway destination from crowds. Wakatobi is the acronym from island names Wangi Wangi, kaledupa, tomia, and binongko. This island is known as the best spot for snorkeling and visiting spot in the world. You can explore the breathtaking surroundings with unique foods and culture to explore.

Bajo tribe is residents of the community that have a unique lifestyle. Bajo tribe has unbelievable skills such as diving and walk-in ocean floor in 20-25 meter depth without scuba gear. You also can visit several tourist attractions such as Lakasa cave, Anano beach, Sombano lake, and Kahyangan summit.

4. Bunaken

Bunaken is paradise for you who love to do water activity and explore the island. Bunaken is stated as world top scuba diving destinations in Indonesia. Many foreign tourists that come to this island just to diving in here. There are magnificent corals and reefs in clear water beach. The Bunaken Sea is deep, with up to 1600 meters.

In this island, you also can visit other islands around Bunaken such as Siladen, Nain, Nain Kecil, Manado Tua, and Montehagen. The Bunaken biodiversity and corals are stated as best in the world. For non-divers tourists, they can do snorkeling. Manado Tua volcano is a place where you can adventure to breathtaking scenery.

3. Gili island

Gili Island is best for you who want to go to Tropical Island. You can find friendly locals there but it is an island that not reachable with motor vehicles. But do not worry as you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and diving spots.

Gili islands have three islands to visit, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan is the most popular Gili island that famous all over the world. Gili Meno is popular for honeymoon destination with stretches beaches. Gili Meno is least populated and least visited from other two Gili island.

Gili Air is perfect for any traveler as it is a combination from Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. There are some resorts that share a weeknight party for the tourist. You also can meet with families spend their holiday in this island.

2. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the new archipelago island that becomes more popular recently. Raja Ampat is known as “The Four Kings”. This island is belonging as part of the coral triangle that includes Philipines, Solomon Island, Malaysia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea. The climate is tropical and mild in all year to make everyone that comes here comfort. ‘

In Raja Ampat, you can explore the Islands there and beaches such as Pasir Timbul beach, Wayag Island, pianemo island, missol island, painamo star lagoon, and many more. You also can explore to the traditional village there such as Yeben village, yenbuba Village, Sapkren village and visit sapta Ratna Pagoda.

1. Bali

Who doesn’t know Bali? Bali is the most popular destination in Indonesia. This Island is known for its beaches, cultural diversity and heritage. You might familiar with this famous tourist destination such as Kuta Beach, Sanur beach, Tanah Lot temple, Ubud, Seminyak, and many more. Want to know unexplored and new destination in Bali? Here you go.

The first trip is Coffee plantation in Bali Pulina Agrotourism. In this place, you can enjoy the delicious Civet Coffee (kopi luwak). You can enjoy the sensation of brewing coffee and feel the aroma. The second trip is going to Suluban Beach. If you need the quiet beach, suluban cave is a treasure to explore. Next hidden gem in Bali is Sekumpul waterfall. This is the group of 7 waterfalls.

There are many islands in Indonesia that offer their natural beauty and waiting to explore. This can take much of your time to spend. The top best islands in Indonesia beyond can help you to define the richness of Indonesian culture and heritage overall.

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