The best time to visit this country

Simple Guide on How to Travel Indonesia

If you wonder about anything related to the topic of how to travel Indonesia , here is the answer.

1. The best time to visit this country

The best time to visit this country

Indonesia has a hot tropical climate for almost all the year. Even so, there is a certain time when the monsoon season makes a real bummer. For your information, April and October mean that this country is in the dry season. If you want to enjoy the shining sun, make sure you visit this country during this time. Meanwhile, November until March is usually rainy. So, for you who want to get away from your hot country and enjoy the cool breeze air in this country, you can come here during those months.

2. Budget

Traveling to this country will allow you to choose whether you want to get a cheap or expensive budget during your stay. If you opt for saving your money, you do not need to worry because there are many cheap homestays available. On the contrary, this country also provides many luxury villa or hotel to ensure your comfort.

Here is the rough budget you may spend in this country. For the accommodation, the cheap option range from $6 to $10 for dorm and $15 to $25 for private. The mid option range around $30, while the splurge can be $60 or more. For the food, the typical price for each meal may cost $2 for a local stall. Eating in a restaurant may cost you around $5 and very nice restaurant will be around $15.

For the drink, 1.5 L of mineral water cost $0.37 on average. A big bottle of beer costs $1.86, while a big bottle of beer in a bar may cost $4. In this country, you can use bus or taxi as the transportation or rent a motorbike. In Indonesia, a motorbike is a very commonly used transportation. It costs $4 per day or around $44 for each month.

3. Things to do in this country

For the first recommendation, you can visit Bali. It is a great place to have many activities such as surfing, enjoying sunset or sunrise, sunbathing, sightseeing, and many more. Bali is also well-known as a tourist destination. With a great culture of Hinduism, you can also witness how it gives the best experience.

Secondly, you can visit Ubud for having an adventure, tasty culinary, or even peaceful pray. This place gets its popularity through the film Eat, Pray, Love, which taken this place as the location. One activity you should not miss is having whitewater rafting and mountain biking to the Mount Batur. Many more activities are also available to try in this place.

Besides those two places, you can also see the cultural wonders in Yogyakarta. Her lays the majestic Prambanan Hindu temples. It is also near to the Borobudur, which is the largest Buddhist temple.

Those are all the information, which we can share you related to traveling. We highly hope that after reading this topic of how to travel indonesia, you can get a better understanding of traveling in this country.

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