Indonesia Travel Guide Book

Indonesia Travel Guide Book

September 1, 2018 Off By Cefman Rustiaman

Do you need an Indonesia travel guide book to plan your trip to Indonesia? Given the fact that Indonesia is a big country, the biggest archipelago on earth, and one of the most culturally diverse countries on earth, a guidebook is indeed necessary for anyone who wishes to understand more about Indonesia. If you plan a trip to Indonesia, a comprehensive understanding of this country is considered essential.

But a wide ranging travel guide takes time to read. If you only need the most essential information about Indonesia information that provides you with sufficient data to plan your trip, you can find it here. This brief article will tell you about the most important factors to mind if you want to visit Indonesia.

Reasons to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is not the only tropical country on earth. You can visit Thailand, Hawaii or any other tropical paradises on earth, so why should you visit Indonesia? The most important thing in your trip plan is knowing why Indonesia is considered a special place to visit.

1.Indonesia is the biggest tropical archipelago on earth.

Indonesia is the biggest tropical archipelago on earth.
Indonesia is a country with the biggest number of tropical beaches. Once you visit Indonesia, there are many beautiful islands and beaches to choose from. If you are looking for a beach with modern tourism infrastructure, you can find one in Bali and Java. If you prefer a more serene retreat, you can visit Lombok, Nusa Tenggara, or Papua. Wherever you go, you can always find idyllic beaches with their soft sand, warm sun, clear water, and amazing underwater scenery. Some of the best surfing spots on earth are located in Indonesia.

2. Indonesia is naturally rich.

Indonesia is naturally rich.

Attractions can be found not only on Indonesian beaches but also inland. Some of the greatest volcanos and mountains on earth are located in Indonesia. Hikers, trekkers, backpackers, and newlywed couples looking for a serene honeymoon site amidst lush rice paddy field will find Indonesia the most amazing and beautiful place to visit.

3. Indonesia is also culturally rich.

Indonesia is also culturally rich.

Indonesia is rich not only naturally, but also culturally. Diverse ethnic groups, from Malays to Melanesians, live in Indonesia. Each of them exhibits culture and way of life that are interesting to observe. Visiting Indonesia is like visiting an Asian country and an Oceanian country at the same time with only one visa.

4. Komodo dragon is in Indonesia.

Komodo dragon is in Indonesia.

Komodo dragon is one species of lizard that makes Indonesia special. If you want to observe the real habitat of this rare animal, you should visit Indonesia.


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