List of Beautiful Places in Indonesia Malimbu Hill

Romantic & Best Place in Lombok for Honeymoon

Lombok, Indonesia, has a bunch of romantic and best place in Lombok for honeymoon. Visit these places with your spouse.

Gili NangguList of Beautiful Places in Indonesia Gili Nanggu

One of the romantic places in Lombok you can visit with your spouse is Gili Nanggu. Gili Nanggu is a small island in West Lombok district. You only need an hour to reach this place from Mataram. You indeed have to cross to reach Gili Nanggu, but the cost to rent a boat is cheap. In Gili Nanggu, you and your couple are able to enjoy the romantic atmosphere accompanied by a fantastic landscape.

Moreover, because this island is small, it feels like you are on a private island. Especially if you are vacationing at a quiet time of visitors. A beautiful sea and soft sands will welcome you. You can also snorkel here and stay at the hotels near Gili Nanggu.

Kuta Lombok BeachList of Beautiful Places in Indonesia Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta Beach is not only in Bali, there is also one in Lombok. Kuta Beach in Lombok is one of the most popular destinations there. The location is in the Center Lombok district. This beach is also one of the most recommended places for honeymoon in Lombok. It is because the view is very breathtaking and the sands have large grains. It is different and unique enough from other sand beaches.

You will see that the beauty of Kuta Lombok Beach is more amazing because it is really clean. Moreover, there are several accommodations and hotels with affordable prices around this beach. So that you do not have to worry about a place to stay.

Gili TrawanganList of Beautiful Places in Indonesia gili Trawangan

This one tourism spot is a must to visit when you travel to Lombok with your spouse. The popularity of Gili Trawangan is already known by both local tourists and foreign tourists. You and your couple can enjoy the romantic scenery on this beach. There are also many activities you can do here. Such as diving, snorkeling, or just walking around the beach.

Moreover, the facilities in Gili Trawangan are very complete. You will easily find hotels, homestays, and also romantic restaurants to spend your time with your spouse. You are also able to explore several attractive places in Gili Trawangan.

Malimbu HillList of Beautiful Places in Indonesia Malimbu Hill

The next recommended place for honeymoon in Lombok is Malimbu Hill. One of the attractiveness of Malimbu Hill is its outstanding sunset view which will make you in an awe. This hill is one of the best places to see sunset view after a series of beaches in Lombok. Malimbu Hill is located about 24 kilometers from Mataram. You can go to this place in the afternoon to prove how beautiful the sunset view is. The twilight scenery will add the romantic atmosphere for your honeymoon with your spouse.

Malimbu Hill is one of the places in Lombok that has a pretty natural landscape which you must visit with your spouse during your honeymoon. If you are bored and get enough with beaches, Malimbu Hill can be your best place for honeymoon in Lombok.

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