Bangka Belitung island

4 The Best Island in Indonesia to Spend Your Vacation

If you are confused about deciding the places for your holiday, below are some of the best island in Indonesia, which you can visit.

1. Ternate island

Ternate island

A long time ago, several kinds of spices such as nutmeg and mace only grew in one place. It is in the Spice Islands, which nowadays called the Maluku island. Until now, you will be able to find valuable kinds of spices. Besides that, this tourism place is also well known for its small Island, Ternate, which is now the provincial capital.

Ternate is the home of several fortresses, as it once has such a lucrative spice trade. Even so, many of them are now in ruin. If you like history, then you can visit the Fort Oranje, which is built by the Dutch. Besides that, there is also another tourist attraction called Tolukko, which is built by the Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. Ternate also offers beautiful places for swimming with its clear water, blue sky, and well atmosphere.

2. Wakatobi Island

Wakatobi Island

Wakatobi island is located in the far southeast corner of Indonesia. More precisely, it is in the Sulawesi Tenggara Province. It is well known for its small archipelago, which can offer you the best experience in diving. With the beauty of its sea, Wakatobi Island is regarded as one of the top diving spots among all places in Indonesia.

Besides that, it is usually less crowded than other tourist destinations as well. However, you do not need to worry about the stay during your vacation in this place. There are many hotels and local resorts available near this tourist attraction. Some of them even offer frequent diving trips as the accommodation. For your information, there are two best spots on this island, which you should visit. They are Pulau Tomia (which is well known for its marine life) and Pulau Hoga (which is well known for its colorful coral reefs).

3. Lombok island

Tropical Island of Lombok

If you have known the great view and beaches having by Bali, then you must not miss Lombok. This island actually gives no less beauty even though it is lesser known. Lately, this island is getting very popular among travelers. The largest city in this island is Mataram. It holds the stunning 18th-century palace of Taman Mayura and the Taman Narmada (it is a Hindu temple, which now can be enjoyed as a park as well. If you like to surf, you can also find many beautiful beaches in Lombok.

4. Bangka Belitung island

Bangka Belitung island

If you are looking for fantastic beaches, Bangka Belitung will definitely give you the best shot. The beaches are large and not crowded. It boasts pristine white sand with clean and clear water. There, you can also explore many Dutch lighthouses, which were built around the 19th century. Many of them were constructed as a large trade route. You can also use it to learn more about the history of this island.

Those are all information we can share on this article. We highly hope that it can help you in finding the best island in Indonesia for your vacation.

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