The Jewel of the Equator: Ecotourism in Indonesia

Ecotourism in Indonesia is somewhat booming at the moment, and if you want to know the places to do so, this article will tell you about those places.

Amadanom of Malang


Malang is a place that is pretty cold for Indonesian standard, and in Indonesia, cold means left untouched by the machination of people and machines alike. This is probably one of the most popular ecotourism spots in Indonesia at the moment thanks to how ‘natural’ it is when compared to many other tourist spots available in the country. You can learn about Indonesian coffees over here and you can even get your hand dirty by learning about how to plant plants and whatnots.

What makes this place interesting is the fact that this place is a brand new place. For a place that was opened back in January 2018, this place surely grows fast when compared to many other places. Truly an example of how Malang is a place with potential for tourism.

The Komodo Park

If you prefer watching animals than to plant plants, then perhaps you can visit the Komodo Park and have your daily dose of animal watching over here. Sure there are lots of animals to watch and to observe in this place, but nothing is as glorious as the Komodo, the animal in which this place is named for. The Komodo Dragon is one of the oldest animals in the world, and if you do not want to see a dragon (even though it is meeker than the ones the stories), then you and I cannot be friends.

In here, you get to see the Komodo Dragon feed and you can see how they congregate with each other. Because you cannot see Komodo Dragon anywhere else aside from this island, surely it is an experience that is irreplaceable. Just make sure to follow the guide to the last bit of instruction, yes? You are here to see Dragons, not to become their dinner.

The Island of Rubiah

If you think that Indonesia only got beautiful seaside on Bali or Lombok, then you have not heard of Rubiah Island. Heck, even I have not heard of this place until lately. Located in Aceh, you can find this place just Northwest of Weh Island (yes, that is the name of the island). Go over yonder and you will be treated with an aquatic tour that is definitely like nothing else in the world. This place is called the marine paradise for a certain reason, and I do believe that reason will be enough for you.

If you like to snorkel around, you need to visit this place. Another facet that makes this place a worthy place to visit is the glass boat. In the glass boat, you get to see the beautiful aquatic lifestyle while you are sitting on the safety of your boat. You achieve this by looking below as the floor of the boat is made of glass. Surely a worthy place for ecotourism in Indonesia, no?

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