7 Top Beaches in Phuket Thailand

Thailand offers a lot of beautiful things and top beaches in Phuket Thailand will be just a few of those pretty things. When it comes to the best beach in Phuket, it is definitely a question with a difficult answer. In this article, we are going to give a list of the best beaches in Phuket you should visit if you are into nature and water.

#1 Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is located in Patong and one of the most difficult beaches to reach in Phuket. You should go trekking about one kilometer through a thick jungle over a private land. The beach can be reached by using a boat. So, it is going to need a good mood to be at this beach. However, if you are into a bright day for sunbathing or enjoying Phuket weather, you should give the Freedom Beach a shot for real.

#2 Banana Beach

Banana Beach is located in Laguna. It was a secret and “virgin” beach in Phuket. Lately, many visitors both local and foreigners come to visit. Since it is still very quiet, the beach offers the calmness atmosphere for the visitors. The view is stunning too.

#3 Kata Noi Beach

As the name suggests, Kata Noi Beach is located in Kata, at the south area of Kata Beach. This one of the most beautiful beaches you may find in Phuket. It is still undeveloped, which gives you the quietness and private atmosphere. There is no vendor along the beach. But you can enjoy the weather and the sun. You can simply use the lounger later.

#4 Kata Beach

The location is near the previous beach we have mentioned. This beach is pretty popular and tourists will simply stop here when they visit Phuket after all. Even though the beach is kind of crowded compared to Kata Noi Beach, you can still enjoy the stunning view and clear blue water. Also, there are plenty of casuarina trees that will give a natural shade for you who do not like the sun that much.

#5 Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach is located in Surin. This beach becomes popular lately. It makes the beach gets crowded and full of visitor especially during the holiday season or on the weekends. But the beach still offers some stunning sceneries worth to look at.

#6 Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn region has a beach named Nai Harn Beach. You will be welcomed by tons of white sands. Even though the beach is a bit popular, there are not many people who visit this place. It makes the beach a bit calmer and quieter. Nai Harn Beach is suitable to enjoy and relax during the holiday.

#7 Nai Thom Beach

Nai Thon Beach is located in Laguna and also a part of Sirinath National Park. Some beaches in Phuket suffer from over-development and this beach is one that can escape from such a condition. The beach is lining along one kilometer with white sands and some palm trees. So, this is the end of seven top beaches in Phuket Thailand.

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