Common Options to Travel Singapore to Phuket

Flights become the common options people use to travel Singapore to Phuket. There are still other ways to get there. This information helps you when having Singapore and Phuket travel.

Travel using Bus

Travel using Bus

It is possible for you to travel from Singapore with Phuket destination by taking land transportation. There is an official bus service that will take you from Golden Mile Complex, located in Singapore to Phuket, Thailand. This special route belongs to 999 Coachland Express. The first stop on the bus will be in Hat Yai, Southern Thailand and you need to change buses. Traveling by bus takes around 21 hours and requires tickets cost 45 SGD.

This bus is known to be the cheapest, safest, and most comfortable land transportation to use. This bus can be taken from the first floor of the airport. It is located just outside the arrival hall and while you come back to Phuket Bus terminal. The bus is quite special because it has a bright orange color.

There are several locations that included in the bus stops such as Boat Lagoon and Central Development Store. However, there is no certain schedule when this bus is operated so that it will be quite difficult for you if you want to wait.

Travel by flights

Travel by flights

Both direct and non-direct flights are available if you want to reach Phuket International Airport from Singapore. Getting direct flights makes you arrive at Phuket faster as it only takes around two hours. There are quite many options that will get you into Phuket including Silkair and Bangkok Airways.

You have to know that Phuket International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Thailand. It means that this airport has high security to make sure that all travelers come into the country feel safe and comfortable. There are two terminals in this airport, all international flights will pass through terminal 1 while domestic flights use terminal 2. Their locations are close to each other making you easier to move from one another.

It gets major renovations to have the better capacity as well as quality. Several flights travel Singapore to Phuket including AirAsia and Jetstar use terminal 1. However, if you want to travel to Thailand destinations from this airport, you will use terminal 2 such as when you fly using Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways. You can get cheaper flights of domestic flights from Phuket by exploring more many traveling sites.

This international airport provides numerously enjoyable and great facilities such as currency exchange, post office, as well as duty-free shopping with various products where you can buy souvenirs for your family and colleagues. If you need something to eat, there is a restaurant on the first floor of the passenger hall and fast food vendors. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi, too. It is basically important for those whose works and communication engaged with internet anytime. You can do login 2 hours every day without pay anything since it is a free facility when you travel Singapore to Phuket.

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