Travel Tips to Bangkok Thailand

Travel Tips to Bangkok Thailand

If this is your first time going abroad, then you might as well get familiar with travel tips to Bangkok Thailand. Bangkok is a busy city with many charms. However, not everyone falls in love with Bangkok right away. Some even might experience a failed trip, and that is because they do not know the Know-How when traveling in Bangkok. Here are a few tips and tricks that will boost up your trip to the city of multi-cultures!

Arm Yourself with a Great Map

As a matter of fact, Bangkok is the dream city to explore, especially for you who craves for enthralling trips. However, the capital city is also a labyrinth with thousands of confusing street names, no particular landmarks, the vast river that surrounds the city, and even the neighborhoods look alike that you can easily get lost here. Not only that, unlike Japan that has free wifi wherever you go, Thailand has yet to obtain that. To make it worse, in particular areas, some places have weak signals. Thus, before you are going out, it will be better if you familiarize yourself with the surroundings. You might even get yourself a local map that provides you the illustrations of major roads as well as famous hotels and hundred districts.

Do Not Follow Strangers

Sounds like an advice your mom says every morning during your childhood? Even if Bangkok is tourist-friendly and aided with the greatest safety, there is always ill swindlers all around the city. Usually, they are waiting for newcomers who have yet to adapt to Bangkok’s environment. Thus, if you are on tours with a guide, do follow them around. If not, then you have to be careful of suspicious people in tourist sites, such as the Grand Palace or local markets. When you spot a stranger and that stranger is being overly friendly, i.e. offering themselves to take you on tours, do politely refuse their offer. More often than not, it is one of their tricks to scam you. Most of them usually hold an umbrella – because it is too hot to stand at the sites all day for their “prey” —and a map, to disguise them as local tourist guides.

In addition, if you are taking a tuk-tuk, be cautious of the driver. When they are asking you if it is okay to fill up the gas, say no. This trick is often used, so they take you to the local markets which sell pieces of jewelry, and when you are waiting for the driver to come back, many sellers are “forcing” you to buy some of the souvenirs. Rumors have it that they are given some money for each sold goods.

Bring Your Identity Card Wherever You Go

When you are exploring the city, it will be better if you always pack a photocopy of your passport in your bag. In Thailand, sometimes there are sudden inspections from the police at the road, in which you will be stopped during your journey and asked to show your identity card, especially if you do not look like a local. Not only that, some tourist destinations also require a photocopy of passport before you can enter the place. Although it might look a bit troublesome, following the travel tips to Bangkok Thailand can put you at ease during the trip!

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