Know the Travel to Singapore Budget Before Visiting This Country

Traveling will be so fun when you are not getting troubled by the budget. For that reason, here is a brief guide related to travel to singapore budget.

1. Accommodation


The accommodation in Singapore is not cheap. On average, you need to pay 15 up to 17 SGD per night to sleep in a dorm room or for a hostel. Even so, most of them usually offer free breakfast, WiFi, and some even offer linens freely as well. A 2-star hotel will cost about 45 SGD per night. Meanwhile, a large hostel usually cost around 22 SGD per night. Last, if you want to use an entire home, which includes the studio apartments, the rent typically starts from 85 SGD.

2. Food


Nearly all kinds of food are available to be found in Singapore. However, this country has its most special attention for Chinese and Indian food. If you are a lover of these two kinds of foods, Singapore will be like a paradise for you. On average, those foods will cost around 8 to 9 SGD per meal.

If you are looking for the specialties in Singaporean food, then you must try the seafood. You can find many low-cost eateries in this country. Typically, Singaporean street stalls sell their food less than 6 SGD per meal. On the other hand, most casual restaurants have the cost around 20 SGD per meal. If you want to try cooking by yourself in this country, you may spend 75 SGD per week for the groceries. On that calculation, it will include vegetables, pasta, chicken, as well as some basic foods.

3. Transportation


If you plan to spend your time in Singapore, you do not need to worry about the transportation. There are many buses and taxis, which you can find everywhere easily. In Singapore, you can also enjoy the service of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). It runs all over this country. The ticket varies; it depends on the distance that you are going to travel. However, it usually costs 4 SGD in general.

Besides that, you can also use the Singapore Tourist Pass. It has unlimited travel. However, it only designated within a certain time period. If you choose the 1-day pass, you need to pay 10 SGD. 16 SGD is for 2-day pass, while 3-day pass will cost you 20 SGD. One important to remember is, you will receive 10 SGD deposit, which will be returned when you return the cad of this service for 5 days after you buy it.

4. Suggestion for the daily budget

daily budget

As you may have many interesting things to see or try in Singapore, you need to set your budget carefully and full of consideration. It is recommended to keep your daily budget around 55 up to 80 SGD (it is around $40 up to 55 USD) per day. The more you can push your daily expense, the more possibilities you have to see and experience in Singapore.

Those are all the guides. We highly hope that this travel to singapore budget explanation can help you find a wonderful holiday experience.

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