Travel to Singapore Guide: 5 Best Places to Visit

For the best holiday experience, you need to know anything about your destination first. Here is the list of best places for your travel to Singapore guide.

1. Visit the Merlion for sure


One tourist attraction, which you must not forget when having a holiday in Singapore is indeed visiting the Merlion. Singapore is so iconic with its mascot, and that is Merlion. This statue has the head of a lion. Meanwhile, the rest of its body is a fish. If you are curious about the original and the most impressive Merlion, it is located in the Merlion Park. It has 37 meters tall.

2. Spend your time in the supertrees, Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay

Among all of the tourist attractions in Singapore, this one gains a very massive popularity. It is located along the Marina Bay. Here, you can explore the beauty of the urban landscape with the project or a series of fake supertrees. The heights of the trees are around 80 to 160 feet. It has a metal structure.

There are many species on this tourist attraction, such as ferns, orchids, and any other tropical plants as the coat of its structure. Those plants are also forming a lush and colorful skin for the skin. This place will get even more wonderful if you visit it during the night.

3. Say hi to the animals in the Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

For your information, the Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. It covers 70 acres as its area. This huge place has a vast array of animals; in total, there are more than 3600 mammals, reptiles, as well as birds. Visiting this zoo during the day is awesome. However, you will get experience that is even more wonderful if you visit the night safari of this zoo. The ticket to enter this zoo costs around 71 SGD.

4. Enjoy the party on Sentosa


Sentosa is a little island, which is popular with locals and tourist alike. Here, you can visit the Tiger Sky by paying 18 SGD. It is the tallest observation tower in Asia. Besides that, you can also visit the Universal Studio, which is located on this island as well. To make your night livelier, you can spend your time by hanging out in the beautiful beaches, restaurants, or bars. To get on this island, you need to use the Sentosa Express and pay for 4 SGD.

5. Enjoy dinner in the Boat Quay

Boat Quay

If you are looking for the best place for dinner as well as enjoying entertainment, this place is the answer. The restaurants and the alfresco pubs are the two most wonderful things to make the Boat Quay feel so perfect. It is an ideal spot for relaxing your mind and body after having all day long for sight seeing to the corners of all Singapore. Moreover, the skyscrapers view is also amazing looked from this place.

Those are all the guides, which we can share you related to traveling. We highly hope that this travel to singapore guide can help you find a wonderful holiday experience.

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