Traveling Bali on A Budget, Why Not?

You may think that traveling to Bali with minimal cost seems to be impossible because almost anything in Bali is expensive. In fact, behind the expensive stuff that you can find in that place, there are some inexpensive food, hotel room, etc. Well, for you who want to travel to Bali, here we share some tips for traveling Bali on a budget.

Do not travel during the holiday season or weekend

The holiday season is, indeed, a suitable time to travel for some tourists. However, if you decide to travel during the holiday season, you also have to be ready to the fact that everything will surely become more expensive, not to mention the plane ticket, lodging, and food. In addition, you may not be able to enjoy the scenery or any activities that you expect to do in the middle of a crowded atmosphere.

That is why going to Bali on weekdays is considered to be more cost-effective because the lodging price is cheaper than holiday seasons. If you choose a flight to Bali, try to book a ticket for a night flight, which is much cheaper than morning and afternoon flights.

Find lodging at low prices.

For your information, the area around Poppy Lane Street and Legian Street is famous for its collection of lodging that offers low prices per night. The price of renting a room there range from 100 thousand to 350 thousand rupiahs per day, and it can even become cheaper if you rent it for three days. You do not need to worry, since the facilities provided are also adequate, like single beds, fans, and bathroom.

To ensure that you make the right choice, you should check the information and review each lodging that you want via the internet.

Purchase souvenirs in the Sokawati Market

If you are traveling Bali on a budget, then you should not to be tempted to buy souvenirs from the roadside-souvenir shops, because you can buy them at a much cheaper price in a number of art markets scattered in the city of Denpasar and surrounding areas, like Sokawati Art Market, Tanah Lot Art Market, and Kumbasari Market. Sokawati Market is well known for selling goods at cheaper prices than modern stores.

Rent a motorcycle

As soon as you arrived in Bali, you will definitely want to enjoy the beauty of various tourist sites. It will not be any problem if the tourist spots that you want to visit are not too far from your hotel. But if the destinations are pretty far from one to another, renting a motorbike may be much more efficient than taking a taxi or other public transport.

Do not forget to bargain, because you could have got a cheaper price if you rented a motorbike for more than a day. The cost of renting a bicycle during the day is about 30 to 40 thousand rupiahs. As for the motorcycle rental, the cost to be spent per day is 70 thousand rupiahs.

Well, those are some tips for you who are traveling Bali on a budget. Without spending too much money, you can still experience the unforgettable and fun holiday in this paradise island. Happy traveling!

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