Traveling to Singapore Things to Know for a Better Holiday Plan

Knowing everything about the place you choose for a holiday is important. Here is the traveling to singapore things to know if you are interested to visit this country.

Better Holiday Plan

1. Alcohol is expensive

In Singapore alcohol gets a very high tax. Therefore, enjoying drinks in this country is considered a costly experience. However, there is one place, which can get you the ease of enjoying this drink. It is in the Hawker Centre. For a recommendation of the best spot, you can choose the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Here, you can enjoy few cold Tiger tallies while enjoying the view of beautiful beaches.

2. Get yourself used to Singlish

When talking about Singapore, you might ever hear that this country develops its own English. Yes, it is called the Singlish. It has its own accent and is a very real thing in this country. If you do not know anything about Singlish, you may want to listen to some of the people using it to make yourself easier in communicating.

3. Respect the regulation

You may also have heard about the unusual regulation applied in Singapore. For example is, people will be charged with a very big deal of money or even get arrested if they drop even only a food wrapper. Then does it mean that all people there are living in a life full of restriction?

Well, it is not that scary. Singaporean people really care about the environment they are living in. Keeping all people’s convenience is a priority here. Imagine when you are just planning a great day for your holiday but suddenly you sit on a chair with a gum on it or get your shoes wet because someone is throwing their cup carelessly. You must feel annoyed, right? Therefore, do not do it to respect the people there, as they also respect you in the same way.

4. A safe place

Singapore is not just a nice place to visit, but also a safe place. In this country, you can walk with no worries even though it is very early in the morning. In addition, pickpockets or scams are also rare to be found in here.

5. Best coffee in Singapore

In many other countries, people living there might say that the best coffee they have is the Starbucks. However, it is not the same for Singapore. The best place to get a cup of coffee in this country is at the Hawker Centre. As there are many choices of menu, you can have many drinks o taste.

For a suggestion, you do not need to maximize your experience in tasting the coffee here by choosing the most expensive drink such as the fancy latte. Instead, try the iced coffee with milk, or the iced tea with milk. It does not cost too expensive, meanwhile, you will be able to your body fueled with the taste all day long.

Those are all the information, which we can share you related to traveling. We highly hope that after reading this topic of traveling to singapore things to know, you will get a clearer and better understanding of this country.

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